Mechanical boost gauges and electric boost, EGT and transmission temperature gauges. Featuring a black face with silver bezel and bright backlighting, these gauges are the perfect accompaniment to any interior.

$AUD62.95 $AUD53.51

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SKU: TS-0101-2025

TURBOSMART Boost Gauge 0-2 Bar 52mm TS-0101-2025

$AUD62.95 $AUD53.51

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SKU: TS-0101-2023

TURBOSMART Boost Gauge 0-30psi 52mm TS-0101-2023

$AUD41.95 $AUD35.66

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SKU: TS-0101-2024

TURBOSMART Boost Gauge Mnt Cup 52mm TS-0101-2024

$AUD239.95 $AUD203.96

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SKU: TS-0701-2011

TURBOSMART EGT Gauge - Electric - 400-2200°F TS-0701-2011

$AUD241.95 $AUD205.66

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SKU: TS-0701-2012

TURBOSMART EGT Gauge – Electric – 200-1200°C TS-0701-2012

$AUD26.95 $AUD22.91

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SKU: TS-0740-1002

TURBOSMART Gauge Bracket - Triple Gauge L-Shape

$AUD134.95 $AUD114.71

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SKU: TS-0701-3011

TURBOSMART Transmission Temperature Gauge - Electric - 100-280°F TS-0701-3011