MCA Coilovers Mazda


The suspension configuration is one of the main factors that controls the comfort, handling and performance ability of a vehicle. Every enthusiast has different needs and the comfort / performance balance for some will be different for others. 

The approach we take to this is simple, discuss the requirements with the customer and customise our products to properly suit their needs. It is this process that sets MCA Suspension apart from our competition. 

Although our suspension is customisable, the below graph illustrates the comfort and performance balance of a typical setup of each series and can be used as a guide to best determine which series is right for your application and requirements.


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MCA Coilover Kit - Race Prime Mazda RX8 - Orange


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SKU: MCA7812

MCA Coilover Kit - Race Reds Mazda RX7 FC, FD - Red

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MCA Coilover Kit - Race Reds Mazda RX8 - Red


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MCA Coilover Kit - Street Essentials Mazda RX8 - Green


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MCA Coilover Kit - Street Performance Mazda RX8 - Purple


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MCA Coilover Kit - Street Ultimate Mazda RX8 - Grey