EJ257B WRX STI Dual AVCS (2008-Current)

Perfomance Cams for Subaru EJ257B WRX STi Dual AVCS (2008-Current)
This range of Kelford Camshafts suit the Subaru WRX STi EJ257B dual AVCS engine and feature the same successful lobe designs used on the earlier engines. The dual AVCS on this engine gives another tool to the tuner so power and driveability are optimised through the entire operating range. This Kelford range of camshafts feature a very new camshaft design technology we term 'ICE'. This design technique results in a combustion efficiency gain for these engines. No other aftermarket camshaft company offers this approach.

Please note that the correct valve spring selection will depend on the installed height in your particular cylinder heads. Please contact us to discuss the correct valve spring selection.

In addition to our catalogue range, we can manufacture custom cams to your specifications, or design a profile to suit your specific application.

These cams are easily identified by the triggers on the rear of the cams.

220 Trigger Dual AVCS