EJ25 WRX STI USDM (2004-Current)

High Performance Cams for Subaru EJ25 WRX STi with AVCS (2004 - Current)
This range of Kelford high performance camshafts is to suit Subaru EJ25 engine (2004 - current) equipped with Subaru’s awesome AVCS (Active Valve Control System) on the intake cams only.
In addition to our catalogue range, we can manufacture custom cams to your specifications, or design a profile to suit your specific application.
Please note that the correct valve spring selection will depend on the installed height in your particular cylinder heads. Please contact us to discuss the correct valve spring selection.
R-199 Trigger
These cams are easily identified by the triggers on the rear of the intake cams which will be machined to have three ‘keyway / slot’ style triggers. If your engine has the three protruding 'paddle-wheel' style triggers, you need to see our EJ20 range with the V2-199 part numbers.


R-199 Trigger